Radio ad revenue climbs in May

As radio stations around the country enter the first week of a two-week survey break from the Nielsen’s Radio Ratings, station managers would have been comforted to hear last week that there was an increase in radio advertising revenue for the month of May, according to figures released by  Commercial Radio Australia (CRA).

The figures as sourced by Deloitte saw a 4.12% rise nationally in direct and advertising agency revenue for commercial stations, bringing the five major metropolitan markets total advertising revenue share to $58.4 million. The media release is available here.

A breakdown of the five metro markets and month-on-month performance is below:


The best performing market for the month was Perth, whilst Melbourne struggled to increase its share of advertising revenue, only managing a 0.33% increase, although this result came off a high base compared with the other capital city markets (except Sydney). In terms of revenue leadership Sydney continues to dominate with an $18.5m slice of the ad revenue for May.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said,

“Radio continues to perform well in a softer business environment, which reflects its cost effectiveness and efficiency at getting the message out quickly, it continues to be a resilient medium and is performing well over the long-term.”

The radio industry is indeed a resilient industry. With the AFL season and NRL seasons now in full swing, it can be expected that advertising revenue should stay strong in the coming months as advertisers involved with footy coverage add to monthly revenues and protect those networks covering the winter sports in northern and southern markets from any advertising spend that may drop across other parts of a station’s schedule.


Commercial Radio Australia

Graphs prepared by Frost Global using Commercial Radio Australia data


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