FrostCast Podcast Episode 1 – 2011 – listen now!

FrostCast Episode 1 – 2011

Join FrostCast Podcast host Byron Frost and his special guest F1 Expert Christian Frost as they guide you through the latest media news from the World of Motorsport. To listen click here or on the link above.

Episode includes discussion on Formula One’s decision to broadcast in HD for the first time, ONE HD’s F1 coverage, changes to the BBC F1 Commentary Team, the return of RPM on ONE HD, the launch of SPEED HD on FOXTEL and other related Motorsport media news.

(Podcast runtime: 13 mins 29 seconds).

(c) 2011

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  1. I found this podcast to be very interesting, however there are a few things that I would like to raise. Firstly, V8 and F1 might be thrilling to millions across the globe watching it on television, but those who are watching it in the grand-stands only get to see a split second of a V8 or a F1. I do not think that this can be appealing to any sport lover. In order to appreciate any sport whether on or off the field spectators must be able to experience the whole game. For instance, it would not be fun to go to a footy much and only be able to see a 10th of the field would it? But I am sure there are millions out there who would disagree with me on that.

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