The Devastating Queensland Floods – SPECIAL REPORT

There has been non-stop news coverage across Australia and the world as the Queensland Flood Crisis continues worsen. I was sent home from work yesterday in Brisbane’s CBD and was told not to go into work today or tomorrow. The Brisbane CBD is like a ghost town with only essential services such as supermarkets open and sandbags lining entrances to major shops such as the Commonwealth Bank and the David Jones department store. The Brisbane River has become a swollen giant engulfing everything in its path at amazing speed whether it be restaurants, jetties or boats.

Seven, Nine, Sky News and the ABC have been broadcasting rolling news coverage locally and nationally as the floods have continued to spread to Brisbane over the last 48 hours, whilst Network Ten has had extended news bulletins throughout the last couple of days. The new scheduling flexibility with FTA networks because of their multichannels has also been evident during this very trying time. Both Seven and Nine have keep rolling news coverage on their primary channel (which is viewable by the largest number of people) whilst pushing tennis and cricket coverage to their secondary digital only channels, 7Two and GEM. The networks should be applauded for such decision along with event organisers for allowing their sports to be taken off primary channels for continuous and important news coverage of the floods.

You have heard from politicians and public officials alike of the importance of media outlets disseminating flood information to the public and the media has listened. On TV, on Radio and Online there has been unprecedented coverage of the floods from all corners of the media spectrum. The ABC has even removed their geo-block on live streaming of ABC News 24 online to ensure expats around the world can keep up-to-date with the latest information from home. Even Facebook and Twitter have been key access points where vital information or ways to access vital information can be found. Meanwhile news websites have provided access to the latest flood news, floods maps and any other relevant information.

Please see below a montage of pictures from the Brisbane CBD that were taken today, along with a sample of online coverage from around the world.

Please everybody stay safe. If you require emergency assistance please follow the link to ABC Brisbane’s Flood Emergency page for all the relevant information.

If you want to donate to the flood appeal click here for the Red Cross’ website.

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