Masterchef adds another ingredient to its recipe

Masterchef has been the most revolutionary product to emerge over the last 12 months. With record TV ratings, huge hit counts on its website and recent Logies success it is no suprise that on May 10 Masterchef adds another ingredient to its successful recipe, the Masterchef magazine.

Last year when it was announced that the magazine was going to be published by News Magazines, the anticipation has continued to build. Especially as News were awarded the contract over PBL Media’s ACP.

As momentum continues to build for the second season of Masterchef, which is consistently winning the 7:30pm timeslots six nights a week on Channel 10 and growing it’s viewing audience weekly, it is no suprise the magazine is being released now.

According to reports on Sky News Business Channel’s Mediaweek reported pre-booked ad sales topping $2 million on top of the already reported $20 million the second season on Ten has recieved from sponsors. Ad agencies Mediacom and Phd both said on last week’s Mediaweek program that the magazine will be a clear success despite the already populated food magazine sector.

The magazine will have a cover price of $4.95 with a 164 pages in its first edition and be supported by a multimedia marketing campain of more than $5 million, according to News Magazines.

The magazine will have exclusive access to the TV show and have regular features from the show’s judges and features based on the show, such as the mystery box test. The magazine will also feature 70% new recipes exclusively for the magazine.

News Magazines has brought MasterChef Australia to life, embracing our vision for a new food magazine inspired by the brand, says Ben Liebmann, Senior Vice President, Licensing, FremantleMedia Enterprises.

This is another example of leverging a strong brand across multiple platforms in the new competitive and ever expanding digital media age.

Whether through the Masterchef show 6 days a week on Ten, or online at or on your Telstra NextG mobile and now in print, this is brand leverage at its best.

No doubt the magazine will be a success just like Better Homes & Gardens that leverages of it’s Channel 7 weekly show.

When the magazine is released it will be interesting to see what advertisers have elected to advertise in the magazine and whether these advertisers will leverage their ad spend across all Masterchef platforms. will watch the progress over the coming months and look forward to seeing the first circulation figures for the magazine.

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