Seven’s Olympic coverage

Seven’s investor presentation on its financial year 2014-15 performance on page 24 had a really interested overview of how Seven will be delivering its Olympic Games coverage (see screen shot below).

According to the slide, Seven West Media will deliver its coverage of the Olympics across its broadcast channels Seven, 7Two and 7mate and via its own 7OlympicGames digital offering. This digital offering will consist of a mobile app (compatible on iOS and Android devices), a Tablet app (compatible on iOS and Android devices), a responsive website, Apple Watch and Samsung Gear apps, consoles, gaming and Apple TV apps.

If that wasn’t enough there will be free live streaming of the coverage which is broadcast on Seven, 7Two and 7mate, along with streaming of the Olympic News channel. Also available online will be free video-on-demand of highlights, archives and other unnamed extras.

The final piece of the puzzle is a paid offering from Seven. This offering will consist of 36 Live Streams, 2 live foreign language streams, subscription video on demand content and selective HD/SD streaming.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.37.10 pm

For those who love the Olympics, it seems that Seven will have all angles covered.


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