Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

The Hamish & Andy juggernaut continues to expand across all forms of media ahead of the pair’s fourth instalment of their incredibly popular Caravan of Courage adventures. This time the Today Network’s drive hosts will tackle Great Britain and Ireland for two weeks. Austereo’s Today Network in the build up to the adventure have introduced […]

This is a very clever bit of stealth advertising to counter balance the exposure Adidas will receive as official FIFA World Cup sponsor. Delivery of the commercial across YouTube is a great use of current technology to ensure maximum brand exposure across the world.

The Seven and Nine networks are locked in a fierce battle for ratings supremacy in TV land at the moment, but what is a somewhat less publicised battle is online. That is the battle between Yahoo!7 and NineMSN. Yahoo!7 is a 50-50 partnership between Seven and Yahoo! Inc. Whilst NineMSN is a 50-50 partnership between […]

Masterchef has been the most revolutionary product to emerge over the last 12 months. With record TV ratings, huge hit counts on its website and recent Logies success it is no suprise that on May 10 Masterchef adds another ingredient to its successful recipe, the Masterchef magazine. Last year when it was announced that the […]